Life is Awesome:

Should I fight for $0.15

N400 Oath Ceremony Oct 2022 from K1 Visa, Passport Process in 6 weeks

Furniture Shopping - I kind of regretted being peer pressured.

Closed in 25 days - Finally owned a residence after 3 years in an apartment :)

Why I deserve to call in sick.

Travel Tips from San Francisco, USA to Manila, Philippines | February-March 2022

RT-PCR Test in Imus, Cavite, Philippines - March 2022 for flight to USA

Typo Error in Green Card - Stamp in Passport

California State Capitol (inside&outside)

Bascom Cleft Lift - Weight, Workouts, and Whatnot (5 week Journey Post Op)

Bascom Cleft Lift - Shower, Sex, & Drugs (2 week Journey Post Op)

Bascom Cleft Lift - Movement capabilities & Pain after math (1 week Journey Post Op)

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