Life is Awesome:

Enjoy your LUXURIES.

Life Update 2020. I let it go. Which sucks but must be done.

When to push what you want and when to let it go.

Jason Mraz & Raining Jane on February 21, 2020

Saltwater Oyster Depot, Got Plate Lunch, ShareTea, Lumpia N Desserts, DJ Bibingkahan, Pinoy Fried Oriental Store, Station 16, Santa Rosa Seafood, Amorino Gelato

Lighthouse Visitor Center & Lifeboat Station + Chimney Rock

Overdraft | Return Fees & Disney + NOT Free Trial

Cypress Tree Tunnel & Point Reyes Shipwreck

Chase Slate Approved after Pending - 4 Credit Limit Increases

Christmas Gifts 2019 + Why I stopped buying for 1 year - shoes, bags, clothes.

Amaze Light Festival @ Silver Lakes

Fast Pass @ Disney + Droid & Light Saber Making

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