20th Birthday

Back but happy
2142 USA

It's been a week. A week here in America form the Philippines. Stayed there for about 76 days. All amazing. Back to reality, work and school. School starts at 18th of August. Mixed emotions, grateful about the grant that got a little bigger. Huge help for my parents so thank you whoever is deciding about that.

Kinda OCD. Wants everything to be in place and schedules ahead of time. Always wants a checklist. Responsible yet occasionally lazy. Happy in love since 2009. Hopefully graduating in 2016 (please be earlier). Missing friends, cousins, neighbors, relatives, colleagues, etc. Every birthday is special. Parents will make sure everything is okay. Again, grateful.
Back in July 26 was my 20th birthday. Boyfriend was full of surprises that I get to carry with forever.
Before that day, thinking the boyfriend was at work, never thought that this would happen. Everything is in plan with what time people will arrive at my house to eat some snacks because my (Aunt) Tita Claire is very persuasive of letting me celebrate even a little for this birthday because after a 4 days, will be back here is USA.

At midnight, the boyfriend didn't even text me to greet. Saying he slept early last night because of work, tired and such. At 1100, vehicle arrived, boyfriend driving and got to the place where boyfriend is working and spent grade school days. Touching for those efforts. When at the mall, arguing what to watch and what time will it end so can go home to host friends, crazy. Because of the movie, sent a group message to friends saying come an hour later.
1800 in the parking lot, a friend texted saying in the house already. Panicked. So scared and angry at the boyfriend for making the time an hour late, then cried. Felt so embarrassed because the friend didn't receive the text saying meet an hour late. Panicking until got home. Boyfriend keep saying, be calm. Relax. It's your birthday. Try to be a bitch sometimes. So sweet. While on the road, noticed no one was texting. Boyfriend said probably because all late, and it's raining, "Filipino time". Some did one at a time saying I'll be late, I'm on my way, etc. Little do I know, they're all together.

When got home, boyfriend tried to roam around the village, didn't know that was a distraction for others to prepare. Vehicle stopped outside the house, it was dark, thinking nobody was there. Got the keys, and suddenly. Everybody's there yelling happy birthday. Crazy. Party Poppers. Singing Happy birthday. Cheering, smiling and laughing. Of course, I cried. Thank you.
First and foremost, God for giving me 20 years and running here in the wonderful world. My boyfriend, Najee Quiambao that made the whole vacation, heaven. My best friend Aziel Arada that will always be my sister and supporter in every way. Tita and Tito that is very sweet the whole time I stayed and for cooking foods not only on that day but every day. Mama and Papa that was here at the time, still called and greeted me. Their gifts are amazing and I'll tell more about it next time.

Paolo Manuel, Arden Ugali, Mhanny Agusto, Gomer Tapawan, Jicky Tse, Riel Caguiat, Justine Crisostomo, Allen Joy Monzon, Graciela Naranjo (who was the friend that got early then I panicked), Ryan Berja And Icy Anastacio for coming, Tita Claire and Tito Don. I'm so grateful.


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