0129 USA
SBF Bon Voyage
September 2012
Super block-mates forever- that's what we call ourselves, the group. B18, batch 2010 in Mapua Institute of Technology. We're all taking civil engineering programs that's why we all became block mates. Never knew this awesome group will be my friends, true friends.
Sad story, We have a friend who passed away on 2012. It was horrible. She was healthy, happy and full of life. Yet, shock of destiny surprised us all. She drowned in a foundation of the bridge, it's like a river at the bottom. They said she and her friends always play and swim in there, but no one knew why the accident happened. Monique, wherever you are right now, I know everyone misses you. Your family, friends, and me. Deeply. You're one of my best friends, and my best friend in college. It's still heartbreaking thinking what happened. Say hi to God for me. ๐Ÿ™
Back to present, now that I've returned to America, I'm gonna miss tons of fun with my college buddies. Alcohol, clubs, beer pong, karaoke, foods, etc. it's all surprising. They're not bad influence,  actually good people but wants to have fun on the side. ๐Ÿ˜

I left MNL September 2012, and before the exact date, these people threw a surprise Bon Voyage party for me. Boy, I was surprised thinking it was just gonna be a get together. I was touched of how they manage to find time buying foods, alcohol and decorating the living room of Mark Asilo's condo in Pedro Gil. Just what I need before I leave them, memories and laughs.
Sushi Osorio, Nisa Aquino, Kass Caรฑanes, Marlon Brucal, Vonja Tria, Albert Carreon, and Mark Asilo, Thank You! Thank You for the effort and love you showed me before I left PH. You made me realized it's not only college that made us friends this long but because we guys are really friends. Hopefully, the hangouts that we did while I was there made you happy. I know there will be more when I get back and I'm sorry if I'm gonna miss a few. Thank You! And i love you all. ๐Ÿ’™


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