Things I learned so far.

Things I learned (so far) = TIL

TIL: Childhood
1.     Every extreme memory will be tattooed on the mind.
2.     People who took care of you will be a familiar feeling when they do it again.
3.     Any unusual experience will be stuck in your memory, as you grow older.
4.     The home you grew up in will forever feels like home.
5.     No matter how noisy and small the place you grew up in, you will be forever grateful for the things you learned.
6.     You will not talk to your friends here every month or once in a while.  But when you do, it’s like nothings changed, no awkwardness and you’re all siblings.

TIL: High school
1.     Teachers will be stricter.
2.     Subjects will be broader. It seems that some of these are connected in a way.
3.     School will be the second home; you’d like to stay here more than home.
4.     Holidays and unexpected no classes will be good and bad news: Good because you get to rest – DUH no school, and Bad because you’ll not see your friends.
5.     Balance will be a big deal. School or Social.
6.     This is the start of war. Study or party.
7.     Pressure from peers and parents of what to do next after this.
8.     You might find your BFF here that you knew in grade school yet confirmed here ‘cause you saw each other again.

TIL: College
1.     Experimentations will start.
2.     Drinking, clubbing, lying (about staying overs for “projects”), etc.
3.     Interesting and full of surprises.
4.     Organizations will either for the profit or for fun.
5.     Fun organizations are awesome – trash talking in your face friends who support you is better than fake peers trying to pull you down.
6.     Older batch will be like you own batch (any batch).
7.     Home and College will be far away from each other – if you travel to get to campus or live in a dormitory.
8.     Maturity starts pressuring you to be good yet the fun and still childlike side wants to rest and be lazy all the time.

TIL: Working
1.     Exciting on first week.
2.     Coworkers looks good yet full of stories.
3.     After a month, work is just too tiring.
4.     Do not over work, you’ll be exhausted and others will say you’re a kiss-up.
5.     Be good to everyone.
6.     Even if tired or last shift or whatever reason – WORK and give a GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
7.     Separate private situations form public. If felling sad, fake a smile because you are in the freaking work.
8.     Gossip is always everywhere yet ignore it. Listen but don’t talk.
9.     No matter what work your into = BE PROFESSIONAL.


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