TIL (2)

Things I Learned (so far) = 2nd

TIL: Parents
1.     They will do everything to make you safe and happy.
2.     I was never hungry or in danger when with them.
3.     Mothers know best (mostly, sorry mama).
4.     Fathers are the best superheroes.
5.     Learned to adapt the manners and the outlook in life from them.
6.     Wishing that the bad characteristics would not be passed to me.
7.     Techniques on quality versus sale, value and quantity, material versus emotional, etc.
8.     What you give is what you get.
9.     Always be good to others.
10. If number nine is too hard, wish them well and just ignore.

TIL: Partner
1.     If it feels like a responsibility or a chore to text/call that someone, then there’s no passion.
2.     It should be a two way street.
3.     Priorities should be clear in the beginning so nobody’s going to expect anything.
4.     Expectation cannot be always present.
5.     Surprises are priceless.
6.     Every message counts. Every effort at all.
7.     Give each other space. Breathe on your own.
8.     Never stop having feelings= it’s either you love and still move on or hate until you breakdown.
9.     Time heals any wound but does not fix it.
10. We only move forward.

TIL: Philippines
1.     Warm country. Except on rain season – still warm.
2.     People have the best hospitality.
3.     Be careful with your belongings at ANY place. Snatchers are everywhere.
4.     Social climbers are normal.
5.     Starbucks is like cool people’s place for some.
6.     Bargaining must be learned when here = it will save you a ton. It’s a talent for Filipinos.
7.     Rice is necessary everyday, mostly in every meal.
8.     Taho is a blessing in every morning as well as kutsinta (for me).
9.     Jeepneys are cool transportation yet weird if not use to it due to face-to-face position.
10. Tricycles are the most private way to get somewhere if you don’t have a vehicle on your own.
11. Families are inseparable.
12. Po, opo and mano are just some of the actions for respecting elders.

TIL: America
1.     Gas prices are important.
2.     Insurance is a must. Actually, it’s not if you just be careful but people are too paranoid.
3.     Tax are absurd, it should be the same for everyone except for jobless and homeless.
4.     People in Wal-Mart who rides the chair cart that moves is terrifying to look at. Not the old people and sick but the lazy and obese people who needs to exercise to be healthier yet don’t care at all.
5.     All states are different in so many ways.
6.     Accent can be leaned but learning to understand it is the most important to communicate.
7.     Not everyone knows how to give customer service.
8.     Manicure, pedicures and salon are necessary for some (not me, NO).
9.     It really is a Free Country – people will do whatever they want.

TIL: Only Child
1.     Being spoiled is just a stereotype.
2.     Pressure is NOT given but always in mind.
3.     Its either you have everything or nothing.
4.     Too much stuff makes me think, do I deserve all of this or how can I share if I don’t have any siblings?
5.     If I won’t let my parents buy me something, there going to be mad and not satisfied like I don’t appreciate it but I really do.
6.     I just don’t like having things that have the same color, style, or any redundant characteristics.
7.     Neighbors, cousins are amazing to have to sub the part of being alone.
8.     Being alone is miserable.
9.     Material things do not make me happy.
10. I’d rather have one cookie sharing it with someone rather than eating a whole on my own.


Marecar Anne said…
I can't fix the indention of TIL: America, my bad.

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