TIL (3)

Things I learned (so far) 3rd

TIL: Driving
1.     Using blinkers makes driver respectful.
2.     Blind spot mirrors are necessary, and important to use.
3.     Give and take is going to happen, unless you are a douche bag.
4.     Manual transmission makes you feel like a real driver.
5.     Manual transmission must be the first to learn = makes automatic like a toy.
6.     Automatic transmissions are like toys.
7.     Parking is the final stage of driving.
8.     If you know how to park and yet acts like an asshole for having two spaces with the car in the middle of the line, you shouldn’t drive.
9.     Policemen are just doing their job.
10. If you get pulled over, it’s your fault.
11. When you had an accident, please learn from it not tolerate it.
12. Gas prices tell if you get to go far or not.

TIL: Faith
1.     Everyone have his or her own even if same religion.
2.     Conscience makes us think about yes or no.
3.     Family has the opportunity to persuade you into it.
4.     Growing into faith is a big issue.
5.     If it doesn’t move you at all, then there you shouldn’t believe in it.
6.     Don’t lie to yourself just because people tell you to believe like them.
7.     Every religion has advantages and disadvantages.
8.     Having a religion and going to respective church does not make people good or bad.
9.     Being atheist does not make anyone good or bad.
10. I respect everyone’s faith as long as nobody gets hurt.

TIL: Public
1.     Manners must be given at all times.
2.     You can tell if someone is educated or not.
3.     Respect is not demanded; it should be there at first glance.
4.     Yet if people are doing horrible that makes your respect gone, so be it.
5.     It’s okay to sing as long as nobody can hear it.
6.     It’s okay to dance as long as you’re with someone.
7.     Don’t be frowning all day, which will affect people around you.
8.     Cover your problems when outside, nobody needs to feel awkward talking to you.
9.     Do not fart where people can smell it. Be subtle.
10. Do not be shy or scared to ask where is the restroom, it is understandable.

TIL: Relatives
1.     Gatherings are never boring.
2.     Holidays are the happiest when with them.
3.     Hindrances will be set aside no matter what.
4.     Caring for each other is unlimited.
5.     Stories are meaningful to tell; Listens well and pays attention.
6.     They are really interested on how are you and what’s up in your life.
7.     Cousins will be like siblings and being a kid is acceptable.
8.     Family is where love starts.
9.     Being a role model and responsible puts a big pressure.
10. No matter what, there will always be a better perspective of what they think of you.
11. They will be proud when there’s something to be proud.
12. Be good and they will love you.
13. Be an ass and they will know you but that’s it.
14. Giving back is not necessary yet satisfying.
15. Respect should always be there yet everyone forgives but not forgets.

TIL: Friends
1.     When together, laughing is like breathing.
2.     Pictures are mostly forgotten due to stories to tell.
3.     Unlimited stories.
4.     Time makes it more valuable or less important.
5.     Responsibility to respond.
6.     Do not be friends with someone who only contacts you when in need of something.
7.     Saying hi, asking how are you doing and even the simplest greeting are precious.
8.     Growing together or splitting apart depends on you both.
9.     Saying no all the time makes you seem you don’t care at all.
10. Adulthood makes it hard to see them often yet you want it more than before.


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