TIL (4)

Things I learned so far (4th)

TIL: Airport, Airlines and Airplanes
1.     If you are flying international, please be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure time.
2.     Lines depend on where country you are in. In the Philippines, please be there 4 hours before departure time.
3.     People working depend on where you are again. Some airports that have long lines work faster than short lines that have slow-motion workers.
4.     Take care of your belongings; if it gets lost, it is your fault and only your fault.
5.     No matter where you are, especially in Philippines, always have someone to watch your things.
6.     If possible, have luggage than you can carry. Try to minimize making the helpers carry it all for you.
7.     Minimize your luggage before traveling. Be aware and always remember where you put documents and important stuff. It’s easier if you know where every single thing you need and saves time if it is easy to get.
8.     Not all Airlines are the same. Some vary prices, others quality, etc.
9.     Delayed flights are asshole. But there’s nothing you can do about it.
10. A good airline always announces or update passengers the latest.
11. If the airline is offering food in the plane, do not complain since it’s there.
12. Be nice to flight attendants. They are the ones taking care of you.
13. Follow rules and instructions at all times in airport and in airplane.
14. KNOW what NOT to bring in your hand carry and the LIMIT of some products in your check in baggage.
15. Bring extra cash all the time.
16. Know what to read and where to look. Use common sense.
17. Yet, do not be so obvious when getting lost or having a problem. Some places that are no safe can detect people who are easy to be fooled.
18. Put a lock or two in your luggage.
19. Do not be mad if you something was broken like a glass inside when you get it after the flight.
20. No matter what your religion is, or if you are an atheist, wish a safe flight at all times.

TIL: Christmas
1.     It really is a wonderful time of the year.
2.     Family makes the Christmas complete.
3.     Friends are also great companions, but there are other times for that.
4.     Prices of gifts are not necessary; it’s the thought that counts.
5.     Do NOT pick your favorite gift while all of the people who gave you are still in the room.
6.     Do NOT be rude at this time of the year.
7.     CONTROL yourself and have help if you cannot do it yourself when it comes to drinking. Remember: Children are present.
8.     Santa is always there, just believe. If you can’t then do not ruin it for others, PLEASE.
9.     Getting a Christmas tree is optional but it really does make a difference with the ambiance in the house.
10. Christmas starts within you. Spread it. Have fun and be grateful.

TIL: New Year
1.     New Year means another beginning.
2.     New Year doesn’t mean reset.
3.     Fireworks are beautiful.
4.     People who want to be quiet on New Years Eve are KJ.
5.     Others do not know kissing on New Years Eve.
6.     New Year’s Resolutions do not come true most of the time. If it does, good for you.
7.     Do NOT go to the GYM on the first week of January, you’ll look pathetic.
8.     If you wanted to start being fit, do it sooner; No need for New Year.
9.     Be careful when doing crackers. It’s fun, but can be dangerous.

TIL: Life
1.     Everything happens for a reason.
2.     Everything should be balance.
3.     Parents and relatives make an affect on what you decide about career and family.
4.     Friends are not always there. Yet you still need each other.
5.     Illnesses are bullshit. Keep fighting brother.
6.     Wishing someone luck is nice, wishing them nothing is just plain inhuman.
7.     Do not forget money is just a thing.
8.     Do not believe in what you see, mind works in horrible ways.
9.     Always ask for an explanation.
10. Respect everyone at all times.
11. Know what you love to do, if not, find it.
12. Find your inner joy, happiness can’t be found it just happens.

TIL: Love
1.     Make time to let your partner know, they are important.
2.     Give each other space. Explore your own world.
3.     Do not be too busy all the time. Priorities are significant; choose what’s more essential.
4.     You cannot force love, just like you cannot take it out.
5.     Give it time to heal. Grieve, be angry, and let it all out. But only life/love moves forward.
6.     Getting back together does not mean making the same mistakes and miserable all over again. It takes two to tango. It’s either better or worse.
7.     Grow up for your own sake and for others. Maturity does not come with age.
8.     When arguing, try to see your partner’s perspective. Breathe and take a break so you two can think then talk, not fight.
9.     Appreciate every little second of the time they are giving to you. Those times in their lives can’t be take back yet they gave it to you.
10.  See the bright side in every situation; yet do not lie if there is none.
11. Just don’t lie. Honesty is key. Trust is the lock.
12. If it feels like responsibility, there’s no passion. Wake up and face reality.
13. Give your heart fully; it’s up to you if you can balance taking care of your partner and yourself.
14. Advices are just guidelines and their perspectives. Sometimes they’re helpful and sometimes they’re not. Decide and don’t blame others if it goes bad since you chose to follow them.

15. Realize that you have faults too. Seeing through pride is a big step.


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