TIL (5)

Things I learned so far (5th)

TIL: Food
1.     Every bite you have is a blessing. If that offends you, then you deserve it.
2.     If you live your whole life having more than what you can eat, please savor it.
3.     Be grateful.
4.     Culture makes an effect what we’ll like and disgusting for us.
5.     Breakfast is important. If you feel sick eating it, I pity you. It makes a difference the whole day when your day starts right and with a great meal.
6.     Control yourself.
7.     Limit meals except when exhausted.
8.     Reward yourself with something new.
9.     Do not force yourself into anything; you can go to new restaurants and order same meals then compare.
10. Eating alone is free yet sad.
11. Eating with someone makes it a happy meal no matter what you’re eating.

TIL: Clubbing
1.     Once in a while is acceptable. Like every 2 months maybe?
2.     Every 2 weeks is crazy. Waste of effort, money and honey, too much alcohol.
3.     After examination is the best reason to party.
4.     Please dance, do not be a killjoy when going out.
5.     No mater how bad you are at dancing, it will be fun.
6.     Pee as much as you can when drinking. But in the bathroom only.
7.     Talk as much as you can when drinking. It helps sober you up.
8.     Learn from previous mistakes. When humiliated, control yourself to not over do it again.
9.     Make up for ladies are nit mandatory yet showing skin. All about attitude.
10. Confidence is the key for men. Too much is a douche. Too less is a chicken.

TIL: Reading
1.     I do not like reading.
2.     Yet it lets you travel time, and see images in your mind.
3.     For educational purposes, reading will make you smarter.
4.     Understanding it makes you the best you can be. Do not be afraid to ask what does it mean or get a dictionary.
5.     Fictional books are amazing and authors are bizarre too think of what happens next.
6.     Bad news, nowadays: stories have same plot. Futuristic heroin that discovers the bad of society’s power.
7.     If you are an avid reader, saying this will be my last chapter for now is not true all the time.
8.     Do not judge someone when reading whatever they’re writing. Every story has a different background just like every language cannot be always translated.

TIL: Technology
1.     In a few days, 2015 will be here. Everything can be sent in a push of a button.
2.     Everything has its disadvantages.
3.     It makes life easier yet made people lazier.
4.     Do not let it get the best of you.
5.     It was only made to help human, not replace and make them feel unimportant.
6.     Do not be ignorant. Learn what to do and what not before experimenting and testing.
7.     Do not be so confident, stupidity can be easily obtained.
8.     CONNECTING PEOPLE WITH LONG DISTANCE PROBLEM is just the best about technology.
9.     We got to go to outer space, how cool is that.
10. Do not be fooled by marketing and low prices. Remember what you need in a device not what they tell that you want. Quality over low prices and quantity.
11. Too much going on a one device is impressive yet faster to break.

TIL: Malls
1.     Know when it closes and where to go outside = where to park. Believe me, it’s all connected. You don’t want to walk all around outside the mall in freezing cold just cause its closed and he doors you went into is also closed.
2.     Customer service depends what mall you’re into. When it’s high class, all are good. If it’s not yet managers are great, still nice. If not, get outta there.
3.     Public restrooms are public. Do not expect it to be extravagant.
4.     Tables and chairs are full of germs but you are all people so don’t be so choosy. We’ve all been there. Sit and rest when tired.
5.     Knowing where to look for sale and clearances is a gift and can be learned. DO not be embarrassed about these things.
6.     I’d rather boast cheap yet awesome clothes with good quality rather that high brands with extremely over the roof prices.
7.     Do not leave your belongings.
8.     Do not feel safe at any times. Learn to be aware when someone is following you, etc.
9.     Have fun, roam around and enjoy. Walk = it’s an exercise.

TIL: Cinemas
2.     Respect everyone and shush. Speak in your softest voice.
3.     Keep comments to yourself or at least beside you.
4.     If getting bored, leave QUIETLY. Do not stump like you’re a giant.
5.     Leaving is disrespectful enough; try to not say a word after completely out of the cinema.
6.     Before watching a film, know that it will be horrible or not. You can tell if its action, for kinds, musical, action, fictional, etc.
7.     Don’t be dumb expecting exciting things knowing that it’s from Disney and it’s a musical.
8.     Appreciate the talent. You might not like the boring stuff yet talents and skills of every person and actors of that particular movie are beyond.

9.     You might not like that genre, value the effort and abilities of any film. Except when it really is just a one take useless directing trash.


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