TIL (6)

Things I learned so far (6th)

TIL: Social Media
1.     Think before you click.
2.     Everything is public. Beware on who to talk to or not to.
3.     Do not be dumb. Have respect for yourself.
4.     Posting cleavage, legs, abs, biceps and captioning quotes with hash tags is not cute, it looks “I need attention please”.
5.     Same pose is acceptable maybe until 3; more than that is just boring and nobody cares.
6.     Do not think like a celebrity; think of it as talking to your friends.
7.     Having many followers in any social media doesn’t make you a God just like little of it does not make you a loser.
8.     Do not believe anything you see or read. Most pictures and articles are made with filters and made with ridiculous titles and filled with tons of commercials.
9.     If you want to waste time, stay in social media for hours. Not only you did not learn anything, but you also feel useless for the day.
10. Media has a powerful effect on community. Do not be stupid enough to believe every single thing.

TIL: Public Transportation
1.     Jeepneys are cool except when it’s your first time, you’ll feel like a sardine.
2.     Do not flaunt your jewelries at any transportation. Be smart.
3.     Knowing where to ask of what to do and where to go is necessary.
4.     I like the transportation in Singapore. With its small country, most of the places can be reached by just riding the bus. And getting lost is impossible as long as you know how to read and speak.
5.     Switching the driving lanes like Japan and other countries is confusing. Do not drive unless you live in there.
6.     Do not trust anyone that helps you but be respectful.
7.     Men do not need to offer their seats to ladies except for the sick and old people. Ladies please do not expect and do not be a bitch if you’re standing. Equality.
8.     Do not drink then travel. At least know when you’re sober enough. It’ll get you far. Believe me, I’ve been there. Puked at a bus past midnight and pass my stop (experience, done).
9.     Read before you explore. Know what to do next and what you’re looking for when out of the country. Use common sense.

TIL: Gaming
1.     I don’t know any online games.
2.     I tried once: counterstrike, left for dead, dota, I think that’s it. It was fun but I’m not into it.
3.     It can be addicting to many people, but its not all bad.
4.     Some turn it into bets and win money. It looks bad. But if it helps a family in need, than who are you o judge.
5.     I’d rather be addicted to games than drugs and other horrible stuff.
6.     Socialization, Language and techniques can be learned here. I know there’s more but I have no idea what else.
7.     Have sportsmanship. Accept your defeat.
8.     Trash talking is childish, but I guess necessary for players.
9.     I don’t believe in gender gaming. Male or female, you’re a gamer, period.
10. I love racing! Crash team racing, yeah for kids, but I’ll kick your ass in that game. Finish Asphalt 6: Adrenaline 100%; doing Asphalt 8: Airborne.

TIL: Long Distance Relationship
1.     Hard as hell.
2.     Patience is a virtue. Patience will be tested a million times.
3.     It can be done.
4.     Do not let your paranoia eat you. Hope for the best and wait.
5.     Get yourself busy. In no time, your partner will have signal again.
6.     Connection is the key. Well at least the stepping table for your communications.
7.     Fight the demons. Control temptations and learn how to avoid it.
8.     Loving can hurt, but don’t forget you can also hurt others especially your partner. Know when to apologize. Reflect on the argument and see the other’s perspective. Understand where it’s coming from and say sorry when needed.
9.     Most of the time, fighting will be massive not because of the argument itself but because you miss each other. Breathe and give each other time to think instead of screaming non-stop. Compromise.

10. Take million pictures when together. Cuddle as much as you can and remember your kiss and hug. Wait for him to come home.


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