Missing first week of class

Spring semester 2015. Arkansas state university.

Monday, january 19, 2015. I went to school, thinking first day of class. No. There's no class.
Yey. So happy. Looking forward for thi sem.

Tuesday, january 20, 2015. I wento to school, first class. They already have homeworks. Im thinking what the hell? At the end of class. All im thinking is how do they know stuff already. Then I ask the prof, is it on Blackboard? She said no. Then boom. They explained I miss all week.
What sucks the look on her face when I said I didn't know there was class already.

I went to bathroom, almost cried. But no, decided to go to all professors and apologize. Most of them laughed so im relieved yet embarassed of what happen. Stress came already, as I laugh it out and cried on the inside like why am I so stupid. Lol.

Talk about alone. Like really alone that nobody even texted or emailed that I miss classes.

Now, I did everything I missed and back on track. Wish me luck.


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