TIL (7)

Things I learned so far (7th)

TIL: Weddings
1. Every wedding is different just like the stories behind it.
2. Do not criticize any thing on that wedding. Do not be rude please.
3. Smile and say congratulations. Be happy for others' happiness and wish them the best.
4. If you're just gonna be grumpy all the tim, suck it up and fake it. Have respect.
5. No matter how small or big the reception is, it is important to the couple so appreciate it.
6. Bring a gift. They're trying to feed you with their money, at least a gift card for home depot will do.
7. Ask for your parents approval. Do not rush into getting married.
8. Wedding is a ritual passage, respect others' belief and keep your opinions to yourself.
9. Do not forget that marriage is more important than the wedding. It is just the beginning.

TIL: Birthdays
1. Be grateful when you wake up.
2. Accept gifts with a big smile on your face. Do not be an asshole no matter how small their gifts will be. Its the thought that counts.
3. Surprises are priceless. Please say Thank you to everyone.
4. Everyday is a chance of living. Stand up and start now.
5. Know your limitations. It is your birthday but don't be drinking all day and having your way.

TIL: Graduation
1. Please let us throw our toga hats after the commencement.
2. Parents' presence is a must or else children will forever remember that they're alone on that day.
3. If impossible, webcam them. Knowing that your parents are proud of you is the best thing in the world. It's what made you finish what you started in the first place.
4. For people who insulted you in anyway, just wish them well and never talk to them. People who turn people down are the most insecure and jealous group of ignorant jerks.
5. Be grateful for every professors, deadline, parties, procrastinations, etc. that made you think better and do better to finish this goal. Nobody's gonna do it better that you did. Passing something that you made yourself is way better that cheating and claiming you did a good job.
6. Learn good manners before calling yourself good person. Having a degree does not make you better as a person, but it will help if you choose how it will.

TIL: Valentine's Day
1. Every couple has a different interest. Respect each other's decisions on what to do on this particular day.
2. Drinking is not a must. I prefer chilling at home with a blanket and a popcorn in my hands and cuddling with my partner.
3. Say happy valentine's day to your parents, they deserve love to. Actually, if you can say i love you to them everyday, that would be amazing.
4. Only a part of people knows the real story of this day. No matter what, do not be an asshole trying to ruin a celebration for others.
5. Foods, dress ups and parties are just objects that's not gonna be important if you're not together with the people you love on this day.
6. It's all about love.


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