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May 06, 2015
2nd day at MODoT
Peyton Started driving at 9am. They got me boots which was nice. Budget was $120 and I feel kind of bad which I have no reason to but I feel like I didn’t deserve it. Shop was called JR’s Factory shoes or something like that behind McDonalds somewhere. 1st stop, took probably an hour, and measured the diameter of a Cylinder hole where the water goes in below the road (like a canal). 2nd stop was just to take a picture of a small bridge planning to improve it I guess. It took no more than 30 minutes to be there but only around 5 minutes to take the pictures.
Lunch time and I got a big chicken that of course I did not finish and took home. Surprisingly, Peyton paid for my lunch while Donna paid hers. It was only the three of us. I didn’t see Tim at all today
3rd stop related to work is the Missouri Welcome Center which was built around 5 years ago I think. Donna is the one assigned to see and list or marks whatever is still there and what to do next.
Stip stands for Something Transportation Improvement something. Haha. Which is basically improving everything but most all of the projects are over budgeted are just wasn’t approved by whoever is the authority.
We got here around 3:30 pm which was good because it’s close to going home. Yey J Now eating an apple.


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