In 4 months, I moved 7 times - SEMO

Yep, that's right. Summer of 2015 is my internship in MODOT and the time where we will move from Arkansas to California.
Semo Residence Halls
  1.  April 28, 2015 - I started moving my stuff to Semo Dorm Towers West. I needed to stay here because I started my internship earlier that the students leaving the dormitories. Towers West
  2. In about 2 weeks, I had to move to Towers North because this is where summer people had to stay. Towers North
  3. Water breakage happened and we have to move to Cheney Hall. Oldest building I believe in Semo. I do not like this place. Freezing cold every night. People are shouting every now and then. Bathrooms are disgusting sometimes and you will share it with others in the same floor. 2 bathrooms in each floors. And I was in 3rd floor, no elevator. Cheney Hall
  4. About a month after fiasco, and the water problem was fixed, Back to Towers North.
  5. August 5, 2015 - Because I will be staying JUST 1 WEEK LATER than the rest, I have to move AGAIN to Dobbins River campus. Dobbins Center

  6. August 20, 2015 - From Dobbins Center, back home at Marion, Arkansas.
  7. Probably around August 23-25, 2015 - Arkansas to Moreno Valley, California.
For all the people complaining how busy you are with all the moving, SHUT UP! Hahahahahaha.
Well, I was hell busy. There are weeks when I'm tired everyday. Physically and mentally. But, it was my choice anyway to start my internship early and end it later than the rest. So, yep.

Now, for my complains in SEMO. Of course I will have some no matter what lol.
  1. Regarding the Water incident, there was no discount or anything that was given to us. We had to move all our stuff in a no elevator building.
  2. I already mentioned this but again, Cheney Hall was not good. Bathrooms, temperatures and television in the lobby is broken.
  3. What's up with the 2 keys in Cheney Hall? So inconvenient.
  4. They had to move me again to Dobbins, which again is my fault for staying 1 week later than the rest. But the thing is, Ms. GWENDOLYN DUNCAN mentioned before hand, around middle of May, that if I stay only until end of August they can do something about me not moving again. KEEP YOUR WORD.
  5. Ms. Gwendolyn DUNCAN can even spell my name right even if I told here in all caps, it's M-A-R-E-C-A-R! Nope, she will still say Mericar. SO ANNOYING.
Time for praises.

Only thing I will praise in Semo is MR. CHRIS MILLER. He is the best in that place. So fast, so approachable, friendliest person I have ever known. He was never irritated or made me feel like I'm wasting his time asking for questions and such. That guy deserves a medal.
Towers North and West doesn't have much of the difference except for the parking Lot. North is closer and easier to get into.

Dobbins is FANCY. For rich kids people only for sure. The key is a card, and it needs to be used in the elevator as well, like a hotel. Place looks like one in and out. But for me, I don't need fancy place to live in at that time, I want convenience. And if they let me stay and not move just for 1-2 weeks in the fancy place, My feelings in Semo Dorm will more happy than disappointed. Except for CHRIS MILLER.


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