Music - Singer/Songwriter

This artists are my personal favorites. I'll say if I like them due to their talent as a songwriter or as a performer.
I usual listen to Rock, Pop, Alternative and sometimes to others.
If it's catchy, good for you but that doesn't mean it's a good song.
What I listen to most of the time are the songs that really has a meaning. And not random words/experiences about sex, drugs and other rebellious things that find some people fun to do or even listen to.
I haven't seen any of this guys perform live, I just watched a lot of YouTube videos.
I will say A - Performer, B - Songwriter and C - Genre.

Bands (All ABC):
  1. Fall out boy - My favorite of all time. This band has a little bit of punk into them which I'm not really into at all but I guess it's the mix of it and rock that I like so much. I don't know their really old song from the first 2 albums but most of it I do know. This band is my jam. I will be the happiest human if I ever get the chance to see them live.
  2. Paramore - Woman in Vocals, Hell Yeah. The song Misery Business is their first single if I'm not mistaken and I immediately fell in love. Not only with Hayley Williams but the band as well. Since then, All their albums are in my playlists.
  3. Panic at the Disco - Not so famous as the other two but amazing as well. Few of their songs are a little bit too soft (I don't know how to describe it). It's like quiet but has taste.
  1. Tori Kelly - ABC - New artist that caught my attention from the song 'Nobody Love'. I love her album ' Unbreakable Smile". She has a Pop, and a little bit of Rock and I love all her songs. It is all meaningful and true. I will not be embarrassed if people will know that I like her.
  2. Taylor Swift - AB - Hmm. I first heard her in high school year 2008 I believe. It was the song 'Love Story' and it's catchy. Well, she's an amazing songwriter. But some of her songs are a little bit too Pop for me. Awesome to dance with especially when you are with your girls? Ewe, such a girly thing to say. The only album I have of hers is '1989' - lyrics are smooth.
  1. Andy Grammer - ABC - He seems a little older that the artists that I usually like but his two albums are just true. Catchy, full of life and has pop into it. My mom is the one introduced me to him with the song 'Back Home'. And when I searched for his other songs, I figured that I already know his voice from 'Miss me' that was in radio back then. I love the song but I didn't really get into him until I knew that he sings the "Keep your head up'  which I heard in Disney Channel. I bet he's wonderful to listen to live.
  2. Neyo - AB - He is a hopeless romantic writer, in a hip-hop - rhythm and blues  kind of way. His songs are hell sexy, sometimes a little too sexy - That's why I took off the C but I still listen to him all the time. And he's a great dancer, which I really like since I like to dance myself. I do have mostly all his albums. My favorite is the 'Non-Fiction'. It's amazing how he can write an album with a storyline in it. Well, I don't know if it's done before but his has a vibe. That feeling where you want to listen to the song to know what happened next.
  3. Justin Timberlake - AC - There are times when he is attractive and not. Well, I believe if the person is something like that, then he has great sexual appeal. And that cannot be leaned or bought. I'm not a fan of all his songs but he's a wonderful performer. Like I said before, I like to dance that's why I like the genre.


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