In my almost 3 years of me working, last week was the first time I got 'OFF'.
It was the dates August 11 and 12, 2015 ( Tuesday and Wednesday). It was a breeze like I just blink my eyes and it's Thursday. I really didn't feel bad after I called saying if I can take off today.
First, I feel bad for myself. Torturing and pushing myself to the limit.
Second, I feel bad for my parents who are worried about me and can't take care of me from far away.
Lastly, I feel bad for my office mates.

In 4 months, I got sick twice. And that is not normal with me.
I have 2 jobs since May 2015, and that will end until August 2015.
I did already have 2 jobs at the same time in 2013 for 4 months as well and I did not like it.
As of now, I still hate being tired. Well, my boss in the hotel needs my help that's why I stayed but the other job now is the best one that I ever had. (It's the internship.)
On weekdays, I work in MoDOT. On weekends, I work in Comfort Inn.

Before, my mind is all money, need to earn, need to have money.
But then for what?? To make myself sick? To not have enough time for the people I love? To not have the time to even reply to all my friends and relatives? It's absurd.
Now, I've learned my lesson. I hate to say this but of course, my mom was right. Never worn out yourself in working. It's never satisfying. Money will never be equal to social life you should have and the quality time not only with others but for yourself. Career is important but Taking care of yourself should come first.
How can you work for others if you can't focus at all, and how can you help them if you can't even help yourself? I feel so stupid back then and now for doing two jobs. But I'm still grateful for all the opportunities I got to do and people to meet.

BOTTOM LINE: Work to Live; You are not living if you're just working. Have fun and it is true that Life is too short.


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