The Mane Event Salon - Marion AR

July 25, 2015 (Friday). A little 'treat' for myself before turning 21st.
$18.00 - Dry haircut (No washing, etc.)
$10.00 - Brow waxing
No tax added, total was $28.00.
  1. Service - Okay. Around 1530 because I was from work at the hotel and went straight here. I give it a 2.5/5. I've worked in a hotel for 2 1/2 years and I know when people are okay with the service or not. In this salon, I'm the first one to greet them and didn't even asked what I need. I told them I was planning to get a haircut. The lady that was sitting and on her phone when I walked in asked another lady in the corner and said if she could help me. She told me if I can come back at 5pm. I don't see why I need to be back when clearly somebody can do me.
  2. Place - Maybe 3/5. Not Wow type a thing. THEY DON'T ACCEPT CARDS. Only cash. That's surprising.
  3. Vibe - 3/5. They had a conversation about Gun in Theaters because the one who cut my hair is 'licensed' and feel safe when she brings her gun. She did not talk to me or anything at all. Just cutting my hair and talking to others.
  4. Performance - 4.5/5. I'm taking a half start off because she's not that interested in what I wanted, no advice or questions and said just look at the magazine and tell me what length. She did not cut it too short so she can still ask me and I said a little more layers. Then bangs. I did like the outcome.
  5. Brow Waxing - 1/5! NOPE, TURN AROUND AND SAY NO. Shape was just okay. But the effect after it happened. I got bumps around my eyebrows for days! And I mean at least 20 bumps on each side. NEVER AGAIN.
    • Before, I was waxing my brows at West Memphis and it was amazing. Girl was doing there is an expert. You just have to wait in line. At this time, I was getting lazy and did not want to drive up there and I saw that they have one and go for it, BIG MISTAKE.
Bottom line:
Worth a try. Don't expect smiley faces and HORRIBLE brow waxing but good hair cutting skills.


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