1st 2 weeks in California

I don't have a job HAHA! But n, no worries. All is good. No matter what, Life is beautiful.
But hey, drivers here are CRAZY. Just as bad in the Philippines. Be careful.
So, my mom goes everywhere. Just cause she wants to roam around. Since my father is here now, she has to sit in the back and watch us drive.
We went to Balboa Islands, NewPort Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, Hollywood, Palm Springs, Redlands, Desert Hills Premium Outlet and of course the theaters nearby. In a span of 2 weeks.
Taken on my Photo Booth in my Macky so just mirror it haha!
Batman at Hollywood BLVD
Palm Springs was amazing! It takes about 9-10 minutes for the tram ($25 each) to arrive up top and vice versa.
If you are afraid of heights, Good Luck! But for me, it's my source of energy. I love heights and thrilling adventures. 
At the bottom, It's freakishly hot but when you reach the mountain view; It's hell cool!
We ate the Peak restaurant which is a little fancy but okay. Then went outside and see got some pictures of course. 
Transporter Refueled was our first movie in Ca! Not that it was a big deal but it kinda is because we love movies. And popcorn of course. Action, adventures and fights scenes are what we go for.
This cinema is in Redlands.


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