Adventure Tips

I love doing things. Most people brag of the countries they've been n or say my dream is to travel the world and see sights and places. With me, I want to do extreme activities.
My dream job is to travel not to fight see and take pictures, but to do thrilling activities and record them so I can show the world that I'd done it not to brag but to be proud of it.
Every time I travel and post here, I'll try to include these three pointers and detailed explanations.
  1. Budget
  2. Itinerary
  3. Necessary
Budge- Obviously, what can you do if you don't have money. But, researching the intended trip before and detailed budgeting will take you there. Always have an extra, not a lot but just enough.
Itinerary- Days and time specifically. If you just want to hang out all day, I'm not the one you want to travel with. I prefer having a checklist and do those than tanning myself all day (which I don't need, yey). These will make you keep up and be excited for all the things that can be done. TAKE TIME TO REST AND DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF (too much).
Necessary- Extra clothes, towels, chargers, plastic bags, etc. I'll update these once I have my list. Yep, I wrote this stuff way before. Know where you're going and know what you're bringing so you won't over pack. I love packing since organizing is a magic for me. 


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