Iphone 6

Yes, this is about Iphone6. NOT 6S!!
I got mine the other day because I figured it's time to. And plus my boyfriend got his as well and my mom keeps telling me for about more than a year to upgrade. So I did!

I got my 4s October 2012. Woohoo! Almost 3 years haha, I'm not a techie person so I could still live with it. But since we moved here, the wifi of my 4s is just not okay. So I figured, why not make a change then I decided to have 5s! But when we ordered it online, it was cancelled because of our address changed (fraud protection). Afterwards, I thought let's just go to the store so I called ATT and ask if I can buy it myself even if it's my mom's account and they said yes as long as I become an authorized user. After they talked to my mom, me and my father drove to the nearest ATT but they don't have 5s. Still need to wait a few day. I don't want to, because my bf already got his Sept 9 in Philippines. So I decided why not 6 even if it's huge but still okay and I Love it!


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