New Adidas - Red

Mama bought me shoes today. And I love it. I got my size in kids lol, 5.5.
I learned when I was a kid, do not stop your parents if they wanna buy you something. Then, I always tell my papa, No. I don't need that, and I'll see him pout. Like I made him feel useless and it's the worst thing for me. At that time, my then best friend explained to me that no matter how bad your financial situation is in life, if your loved ones wants to buy you something. Get it. Not only they want you to be happy, but by letting them, you are making them happy to buy or give you things that they can. Don't worry about the money, for sure they already thought about it. What they're worrying is your smile. Give it to them, then a hug, then say Thank you.

Watch- Red Timex from Papa
Dress- Dress Barn from Mama
Bag- Blue Guess from Mama

Say hi to my fatness. Thank You! 


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