Proactiv and Xout - NOPE + New Angle & No lights.

I'm not a teenager anymore. But, my acne is still saying hello.
About 3-4 years ago I tried and used for many months the process of Proactiv.
Maybe a year to exaggerate but it did not help my skin or anything for that matter.
When I moved to USA, my acne toned down a bit. Probably because getting older even if I was still a teenager. Or maybe because here, it's just cleaner.
The past months was hectic for me. I was stressed and tired doing 2 jobs and fixing are moving from Arkansas to California. I do not know if that triggered my body to get my acne bad back but I guess it kinda did, or so what my Mom and I noticed.

August 21 was when I used the Xout for the first time. Delivery was slow too. More than a week before I got it. It felt good regarding the icy feeling etc. After 29 days, my acne is still bad BUT it did lessen big time my OILINESS. Which is great! But I did buy it for my acne though not for my oily face.
Oh and after a few weeks, they charged my card (it did not go through because I called asap) regarding their 90 day blah blah promo or something. Good thing I checked my card's profile every now and then. If not they would just charge me and sent the package even though I don't know anything about it and yeah I don't want it (and my address changed by the way so they would've sent it to Arkansas). That's just BAD.
Over all, I do not like these products but that doesn't mean they do not work for others.
Have a Great day !


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