Sunglass Hut - Amazing

My mom bought me shades the other day, Rayban Polarized Wayfarer.
I used it this morning.
But after a few minutes I can already feel that it's tight around my nose. I also put it in my head like a headband and confirmed, it's too small for me. Yes, I have a huge head. But my other shades are all okay. 
Since the lady at the Sunglass Hut here at Tyler Galleria says we can exchange it in 90 days, thats what I did. 
Wood Clubmaster. I like it to be fun and cool. Even if I feel like it doesn't suit my round face, I love it. 
I did try this before but with a different lense in Downtown Disney District. I didn't get it because my Mom didn't get anything.
Forgive my face.
Sunglass Hut - Two thumbs up!


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