Supposedly Routine

As of now, I still don't work. Yep, lazy butt. But, it's all good.
Now, I learned that drinking water makes you feel great from experience. When I was in Modot, precious Tim always buy bottled water for us and always ask if we want some and say "It's important to stay hydrated!" And I totally appreciate that he does that.
Being in an 'unintentionally' vacation, it's hard to have some routine. Once I start in a new job, these are the things that I will definitely do.
Three W's:
  1. Wake-up - at 0600 at least 3 times weekly
  2. Workout - at 0600 at least 3 times weekly
  3. Water - at least 2, good if 3-4, 16oz a day
Waking up is the worst feeling, at first. If you make yourself sleep at a certain time, it can be learned and it will be worth it. You'd get so much done during the day and no more dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Workout is just ewe. But then it is healthy. A 10 minute sweating is just what you need. The problem with me, I get bored. I can't run everyday, I already did that before so I know. Try other exercises like Zumba, Biking, etc. If I had my own house, I will make a room that's just for hanging out/working out. I'll put it on first floor so I can jump and dance because that's what I love to do. Try jumping rope too, then I'll laugh at your face if you haven't tried it yet because it is exhausting.

Suit up! In life.


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