Tote Coach

I purchased my own Coach! Yey! Yes, it was in an outlet but whatever haha!
Original was $475 but I got it for $179 plus tax. Desert Hills Premium Outlet is great place to roam around and shop. But you gotta have control!
Those websites don't have my color. Probably because it's out and it's for men.
It's been months since I'm thinking of buying a formal bag that can have my laptop and papers inside.
I do not want any girly totes and too much manly work bags. So, it was kinda hard looking for the right one. I was interested in Fossil since I like the brand but the one I'm looking is obviously a messenger/work bag that can get a snatcher's eye. Living in in the Philippines before, I always need to be prepared and alert.
It can be folded!
Forgive my face.


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