Victoria Secret's Credit Card

I believe I purchased something March 28 and when I checked out I did not really understand what she was saying since I was kind of in a hurry. But even so, I still said yes. Little did I know, she told me to apply for a Credit Card and I got approved. I remember I just nodded since I heard her say if you do this you'll get a discount. Lol. As an a Filipino, I love discounts. 
Around April 16 I got my CC with my name on it on the back as you can see in the pictures.
Website was pretty easy to understand so no worries there and customer service when I activated the card is good as well. Here are some reviews regarding the card.
I feel bad for some complaints and bad reviews but in my experience, it's amazing. It's like a regular credit card, has interest rate which is high and due date. If you are bad with your credit card stuff, then do not apply for this. If you are an avid customer, Go. In my unexpected application then approved right away, I'm happy I got it because of the perks and discounts. After a few months, I got into VIP which I had no idea about that I earned 500 points.

BOTTOMLINE: Pay your bills asap. Know what you need. 
If you abuse the purpose of anything in life, it will get you in the butt in time.


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