Anne Klein & Coach - Flat Shoes

Since I got a new work and it it business casual, I can't wear my regular sneakers. Before we move here to CA, I didnt have flat shoes at all. Well, because I don't like it and why would I want one if it's too girly. But then, about a couple of months before we left. My mom surprisingly got me a Coach flat black one. Which I never used until our 2 day whole trip drive to CA. After that, never again. Oops, now I do because of my job. 
I'm the type of human when my stuff is still okay, I don't shop or roam around for others like it. Unless I feel like Ive been working my ass off and needed a new color and style, then maybe. 
But of course my ever loving mother, felt a little bad since I only have one shoe to work. So yesterday she really insisted to by mena new one and I kept saying No. "She said if you say no, ill buy you one online and when it getd here you can't do anything about it." 
I'm like, great, I'd rather choosemit myself then.
So yey!
Here's my Anne Klein new shoes.

Mom Thank You! 


Sohali Zafar said…
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Thank you Sohali Zafar! will definitely check out the site! :)

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