CBS We can Survive 10/24/15

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Park and Ride Reminder:
660 Lakewood #220
25 minutes waiting after show
Down the stairs then 1st tunnel
1640 arrive at park and ride
1650 bus left
1805 arrived 
1815 seated comfortably

HUGE SURPRISE! She's not on the list below 😱
They said it'll be 45 minutes. It was not.
Oh and below is where I parked:

1840-1905... 5sos
1905-1925... Demi Lovato
1930-1955... Nick Jonas
1955-2020... Sam Smith
2025-2110... Maroon 5
2115-2145... Calvin Harris
2150-2220... The Weeknd
2225-2250... Rihanna!
Rihanna - We Found Love
Then 3 minutes BEAUTIFUL fireworks.
2306 when I reached the bus. 
I'm thirsty. And after just 2 minutes, the bus left. After 45 minutes, we reached Lakewood. 
I guess it's all batches, not sure though.

1. Come Early. Don't be a butt head when people are already having fun and you're gonna ruin their seating by trying to see your seats and fit yourselves. If you come in time, then everybody shouldnt be disturbed.
2. Do the Park & Ride. I only paid $7 for a roundtrip and Parking at lakewood was easy. Traffic in LA was nasty and parking at Hollywood Bowl is $23, thats if you find a spot.
3. Don't drink too much. It's annoying and walk straight especially when leaving after the show. People have buses to catch and doesnt have time to spare. 
4. Be aware of your personal space and your circle when waving your hands. Up and down is okay, just don't swat your hands to my face.

Other than those, sing your heart out and have fun!


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