Empyrean - Energy Consultant

Last month, I got the opportunity to shadow Verushka (sorry for the wrong spelling) in Empyrean, Rancho Cucamonga. I did not like it. I passed the first interview by Miraza which is the manager and said that they only chose few people from many that I doubt since I saw a woman with me the day before.

Second day was my last day. Outside sales and door to door is not my forte. I followed Steven for a couple of hours. And right then I knew I'm not gonna do it. 
Lunch was at 1630 and it's a frozen yogurt. Free since he treated me because my stuff was in Verushka's car.

After roaming around again after lunch, we spoke to a couple about the deal.. That family was amazing they gave us water. When it's over, I told them honestly how I feel and I prefer the Designing side rather than Sales part. 

Verushka's hand writing and explanation of their career growth.

I wish them all the best.


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