Gooby's 45k mi

My car's 8th check up. I paid $189 including tax and whatever fees.
Above part is the one did today. 
The bottom is when my vehicle reached 60k mi. 
This is a little surprise but not really since I already thought about cars being checked up fully starting at this amount of miles. 
Last friday, the tire indicator was on while I was driving to work. But I fixed it before work since I'm a little early ;)
Yes my father taught me.
The other day, when I was driving to the CBS We can survive concert, this 'malfunction indicator light' turned on. Thank God I made it to the event and back home safe.
Amazingly, yesterday, my father put gas full tank and then that indicator was gone. Now that we're here at Hyundai Riverside, I need to know what exactly made that on and off. 
He said it was 'knock sensor'. I might have misunderstood him lol. It was too much vibration and needs to be updated, so they did. 
Good customer service.
I found my new service center. 


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