Jetpack America - San Diego

October 9, 2015. I did not plan this. Thank you San Diego for accommodating me at the last minute. I checked in the morning online if I can still book and it was indeed full. I called and went to voicemail saying if they can squeeze me in. I was surprised to actually get a call back from them asking when I want to do this. I said today. At first she said they are actually booked out but then when I said I can be back anytime soon, she put me at 3:25 pm. I need to be there an hour before to prepare.
Then after registering, waiver, watching videos, it happened.
$179 Intro Flight
$79 for this video standard package.
The only thing I was disappointed is this video package. As you can see, there is another man filming me in the jet ski. I thought there would be more of that angle but I guess not. Anyway, I still have proof.
Extra Snippets are in my IG, kindly follow me.
This is fun! :)

YOUR ARMS WILL HURT THE NEXT DAY. But I wouldn't have it any other way.