Jetpack America - San Diego

October 9, 2015. I did not plan this. Thank you San Diego for accommodating me at the last minute. I checked in the morning online if I can still book and it was indeed full. I called and went to voicemail saying if they can squeeze me in. I was surprised to actually get a call back from them asking when I want to do this. I said today. At first she said they are actually booked out but then when I said I can be back anytime soon, she put me at 3:25 pm. I need to be there an hour before to prepare.
Then after registering, waiver, watching videos, it happened.
$179 Intro Flight
$79 for this video standard package.
The only thing I was disappointed is this video package. As you can see, there is another man filming me in the jet ski. I thought there would be more of that angle but I guess not. Anyway, I still have proof.
Extra Snippets are in my IG, kindly follow me.
This is fun! :)

YOUR ARMS WILL HURT THE NEXT DAY. But I wouldn't have it any other way.


Jetpack America said…
Woohoo! Congrats on your first jetpack flight. Come back and fly with us again'll be amazed how everything really starts to click on your second flight. Cheers and thanks for the review!

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