New Angle & No Lights. 6&7

Cover Girl Outlast Luminous & Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place
For now, here are some  pics after a few hours wearing the foundations.
Covergirl Outlast Luminous- 855 Soft Honey
This is after mass and groceries on a Sunday and about 3 hours and I don't like how it looks.
I RETURNED THIS on Cvs Pharmacy.

Just like the 'light' version of this foundation, I love it. Long lasting, build-able and flawless. I do get oily but not extravagant.
The only thing is my color in Light is not equal on their table. 'Phoebe' in Macy's at Moreno Valley Mall said my previous Light- intensity 3 was a little lighter for my skin tone. She gave me a sample so I can try it on. My mom said this spiced sand looks good. 
So far, I'm loving it.


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