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I got mine July 2015. In the mail, it says I was pre approved blah blah. At that time, I enrolled with the one they sent but afterwards 'I was not qualified'. Disappointed at first, I kept going since it offered me another one. Not expecting anything, I was granted for *** amount.
Used it all August, paid in full before due date and may I say, there's only ** amount left.
Before I pay that due date, I also called regarding a dispute since the hotel we stayed at charged me (only a pending) twice. Explaining them what happened and knowing how the hotel payment works, they completely dispute BOTH pending. I was only expecting for one since I should be charged. But then, Discover didnt so Thank You! 

4 days ago, I got my statement stating normal info that I already know. Today, I was surprised when I saw the 'credit available' too high more than usual. I was using mobile so I can't see the whole thing. When I switch to the full site in web browser, I found out they increased my limit to **** ! 
I did NOT use this card from Sept-October (I rotate my cards so they take turns and not feel sad when I don't use them).
Another awesome feature is their 5% Cash Back like this. Lots of great boutiques! 
So, in about 4 months, Discover increased my limit. I feel so special, lol.
Proud customer and owner. Thank You! 


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