Dry skin w/ make up - Forever

I'm not a makeup or skin expert.
I know so little about these things since I'm lazy and don't do anything about it unless I have to.
I started a program for my acne, Isotretonin is the medication I'm taking for about 17 days now. My lips are hella dry and my face as well.

Quick realization:
DRY SKIN with make up will last ALL DAY. 
More than a day actually since even when I wake up I can still see it, when I don't wash my face the night before. 
I got ready around 0930 then went to work.
Yep here's proof,
At 1327, break at work:
1955 after dinner when I get home (right).
Clearly, you can still see my blush on and I NEVER NEED to put any powder.
Not like before where every hour I'm shining shimmering splendid human, lol.
Just saying, what a relief to not bring powder and not worry about being oily.
Update Nov 13,
All zits have been drying and peeling.
These photos are taken about 11 hours after work:


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