Fraud Experience - VS

Nov 10:
0951 here at Police Station, waiting for an officer to tell my story.
He told me this is not my fault. That this is VICTORIA's SECRET JOB to see why they let other people who use THEIR CARD but put it under my name.

Last night, Nov 09 I received a letter saying I owe this much for 2 order packages that I received in Arkansas.

It says it was ordered Aug 7, Friday and received Aug 10, Monday. 

1009 Talking to another VS representative, Andulay, he's like the seventh or sixth one today.
Others were Tara, Angela, Mindy, Tameka, Derek.
My theory: Back in Arkansas, the neighbors know our routine. That I leave on Weekdays and my father works all day, as early as 6am for 12 hours. 

They saw one of the magazines under my name and used my address as well but put THEIR VISA CARD to complete the orders. And they said it was received and shipped thru Fed Ex. 
I'm disappointed at VS for not handling this and making it seem that I'm the one who needs to take action when it's them that let that human use his card personally but shipped under my information.

1026 Back to Angela in Verification. Now I'm being transferred again yey! 
1033 Back to Tara. I explained that police won't file report because it's not my fault and if possible if VS can fax a document regarding the situation. She just said No, you might need to talk to another police officer.

So back to Officer Aquino, which is understanding and keeps saying this is ridiculous and not my fault. He didn't make a report but just a notification saying my situation and a file number. 
He also said if they really insist a report, it'll take 7-10 days.

1115 I got home and trying to talk to VS Direct to ask if the packaged was signed or Fed Ex just left it at the door.
I'll update what happens next. 


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