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In today's society, it's freaking hard not to be conscious of how you look especially if you're in public. Our minds have been changed of what looks good and what's not. Perspective of people can be changed based on what the majority says so. It's hard to feel confident and secure with your own body when surroundings are not even sure and genuine of what they are.
Celebrities are being praised and treated like monarchies because of what product they used and how they live their life. Yes, it may be helpful for humans  that look up to them regarding a healthy lifestyle or tips and advice here and there. But what's the limit of following these so called models? When do we stop and wonder, is it worth it to be vulnerable just to look exactly like the others?
Stop asking people what happen to their face if they have pimples, black head, etc that is not appealing to you. It's INSULTING. Not only you degraded that person's self confidence but you also made yourself look bad for that person. It does not matter if you are the freaking mother or the closest cousin, Do NOT ask. We, people with not the smoothest face, are trying are best and doing whatever we can to make our face flawless. Just stop talking if you're gonna ask about somebody's face.

Stop body shaming. Just because others are not the same color or size that you are, that doesn't mean they're not perfect. Most importantly that doesn't mean you're not perfect. Working out is helpful, but it's not a chore in life. Walking to the Parking lot is a big thing already, just don't be a potato couch.
Eat healthy:
1. Drink lots of water.
2. Avoid Sodas.
3. Eat Green - if you don't like anything green, buy some kale or spinach, mix with milk, orange juice and banana. Shake it and drink. You'll taste the banana not the 'vegetable' that you just put.
4. Dessert yourself - once in a while
5. Balance it out. Know your limit and your rewards.

Don't join the hype when you're not really into it. Stop forcing yourself and truly express.
An example of people judging you and being confident about it:
The picture above was my pants today. My father keeps saying it looks like a pajama. At my first break here at work, the Security Guard did not see my badge and made sure I'm an employee. When he saw my badge, he said something about my pants looking like pajamas. I asked my boyfriend if it does look like on and he said yes. Honestly, I don't care. I love these Tommy Hilfiger pants. What I want to say is that, that 'guard' didn't need to say his comment. He should've just asked for my badge (which I'm wearing like a necklace) and kept his thoughts about my pants. As an employee in a professional, I learned at an early age that no matter how age you are or what Degrees you earned, if you don't know how to give respect to others, you're no professional.


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