Practical or Cheap?

I'm Asian. To my fellows out there, please don't be offended. This is my experience and my point of view.
Growing up, I got everything I need. Food, shelter, friends, relatives, support and love from everyone around me and my most precious Parents.
In the Philippines, family is the most important thing and we are inseparable. Money is an everyday problem, but doesn't stop us from smiling and living another day.

I would say we are in the middle class status. But that doesn't mean I didn't see my Papa sacrifices doing overtime in work with his hard earned money to buy me little things and my Mama work abroad for so many years alone by herself to make our financial status better.
I saw what's it like in the streets being homeless and looking through garbage to find something to eat. That's why for everyday of my life, I'm forever grateful.

We moved to a first world country when I was 18. Damn the difference because there's a lot of it. Not only the people and culture but the 'status' of the said first world. I met people who does not take their left overs which I find a waste because I do take it home especially if it still can be a meal. When I do take home the stuff I paid because I did not finish it, I'm not ashamed, not even a little bit. I know that I did waste a lot before and will waste more but I learned and try to save if I can. That's just who I am.
Today is Thanksgiving and I'm working. Employees get a free meal on this kind of holiday which is amazing since usually the meal is $2 or $3. Good deal for fresh cooked meal but I'd rather and do carry a packed lunch. 

So we ate our lunch and I asked for the turkey. I didn't know that the lady would give so much and of course I can't finish it. Thinking how I can take it home because I don't wanna waste it, I got 2 cups and put the turkey after I sliced it into smaller pieces. And my coworker looked at me. I'm not sure if this is only me or she thinks that I'm so cheap. That it's already free and I'm still taking it home.
This coworker I went out with last week and there were three of us who split the bill. Because there were still left overs and they said they don't want it anymore, I took it home and my mom loved it. 
Now that we just ate together and she saw me packing the left over turkey, I feel like she sees me as a cheap lady.

I like this coworker and I hope she doesn't think that way. But if she does, it insults me. It is insulting for people to think that way when people are not doing anything bad but being judged. I'm trying to save the things that I can. And it's hard for people to understand that don't take things for granted especially if they never experienced being broke and can't find a way to have a food on their table.
Please don't be sad because of this post. I just need to let this out and hopefully make someone wonder about being too judgy if you don't know the whole story. Now I feel bad for thinking she thinks that way, lol. What goes around comes around. So spread positivity and be grateful for everything you're having! 


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