Time difference sucks.

For all the people that's in a LDR, Yey for us. Especially for those like me and my boyfriend that has 16 hours difference now because DST was removed today.
This was his text the other day. He was out and I read it when I woke up.
 It's 1045 here in Ca and 0245 in Philippines. Yey. #aldub 
Before, when we first got here, it was only 13 hours since it was in Arkansas with DST. Then we learned about the DST being removed and yey it turned into 14 hours.

Now that we move here in California, it was 15 hours with DST. And surprise surprise, DST is out again and we're up to 16 hours.
It's freaking hard to be in a LDR but having this much time difference made it worse. I know my love and I fought a lot even from the little things but it mostly because we miss each other and can't do anything about it.
So, I'm writing this not to rant about how much LDR and time difference sucks but because I want to thank my boyfriend.
Thank You Najee, for being with me. Not only physically but also emotionally. I know how difficult our situation is, and you're still fighting for us.
I don't know when we'll meet again, but everyday I'm grateful that we're trying and not giving up.

I'll see you soon my love. Thank you for everything.
Spread the love! No matter how far and how much time difference it has.


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