3rd day - Okay!

Update from my process of moving on..
Did not cry at all, maybe a little bit of tearing up once in a while but nothing of ugly sobbing. I try to keep myself busy at all times and be really interested on what I'm watching or doing - Or else I'll think about their and our conversations. As well as really feel sleepy when going to bed; Even if I stay up until 4 am. Good thing my work starts at 3pm :) 
And before I go to sleep, I took these selfies. Usually, when take a selfie, I don't go overboard and I only do it once in a while. Photos above were the six out of seven that I took. The other was a side and blurry.
Also, because I havens washed my hair in a week and the hair do that I just did with a small clip look good. I don't know anything about hair dos and don't plan to because I'm lazy. 
Bad part is I only kept this do for about an hour which I feel sad for. 
Have a good night! Or should I say Good Morning! 


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