Animals I've Cuddled with until 2015

List and pics of all the animals I've hugged, touched, took a picture with while in their cages, tried to kiss if possible. Aside from dogs, cats, horses and normal pets of course.

  1. Penguin
  2. Koala- Bohol, April 2010
  3. Butterfly
  4. Snake
  5. Baby Alligator
  6. Tiger / White Tiger

Butterflies and their babies (Yes, I know they're called caterpillars). Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol, April 2010
Huge Snake called Prony in Bohol, April 2010
Picnic GroveTagaytay, July 2015
 Baby Alligator - Palawan, June 2011
Baby Tiger - Tagaytay
Full grown Tiger - Ilocos

White Tiger - Zoobic, June 2014


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