Att - Package returned

On December 3, I purchased the Protection Pack for my Htc Re because I broke the cap. I finished the whole process and chose Att because they're cheaper than others.
The next day, I got an email with the tracking number. Saying it might arrive on December 7, I was amazed of how fast it would've been. Boy I was wrong.
Monday came and I checked the tracking number from my email and it said this.

Hoping it would be fixed before I try calling to see if I can do something, it remained like that for 3 days. Today is my off day so I called Usps and talked to Shannon for 6 minutes. She said Usps can't do anything about it since they returned it already.
So I called Att, I talked to Steshana for 31 minutes, well I was hold more or less than 5 minutes, and she said they need to figure where the package is first before they send it again. I said okay since I don't have a choice and just told her the APARTMENT number which I put on the line 2 in the photo above. I guess it's my mistake for taking my Mom's opinion regarding puting Unit/Apartment number on line 2. Anyhow, I suggest to Att to remove that part so customers like me won't make those mistakes.

Thinking I needed to a week for this to be fixed, after 30 minutes of that conversation, Theodore from Att called me. He asked me if I want the product to be refunded or be send again. I told him I needed the product and that I'd rather wait.
Look at that, they sent it today thru Fed Ex and might arrive tomorrow! How amazing to make up for the delay :)

Update December 14 - Arrived!


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