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Today, I got a mail from Capital One saying I have an exclusive offer for a Quicksilver Card. I got my Platinum one since July 2013, before I turn 19.
I already have Credit Cards and not planning to get another one anytime soon so I can build my Credit. My mom, who is obsessed with credit cards since she knows if you know how to handle it, it'll do you good. I'm good at managing my accounts so I have no problem with that. It's just that I read if you Inquire too many times in a specific range, it has an impact on your Credit Score.
So thinking about this all day if I need a new card, more like additional just to build up credit, I searched and read online while here at work. Most of what I read says that it's an upgrade which I was surprised about because it did not say that on the mail. All of the reviews I found regarding the Quicksilver is that it's straight up great and more rewards. I just needed to make sure that I don't need to lose something to have this one.
After many websites and stories about this Quicksilver Card of Capital One, I decided to talk to one of them thru chat. I spoke with 2 of their 'specialists' and responses are fast. First guy was Frank. I forgot his first title before the specialist. Before he proceed to answer any of my questions, I validate my information on the right side of the screen. Then he says basic information about the said 'new' card. After that, he said that I do qualify for an UPGRADE. I was relieved because I don't want another card, yet especially if it's gonna be the same bank. 

Start of Chat 1852 and ended at 1918.
When I said yes to the upgrade, he transferred me to Marcelo 'Applications Specialist'. He read the conversations first before talking to me again regarding the situation. More details about the said card and disclosures. As far as I'm concerned, it's the same account number, same due date, age of cc and Credit Limit. The upgrade is the Name of the card I guess and the 1.5% Cash Back. He asked to verify mailing and email address then it's done.
Important Questions:
  1. Will this affect Credit Score? - NO. They said no need to pull up credit report since this is not a new account.
  2. Annual Membership fee? - NONE. I did not have AMF with my Platinum and none for this as well.
  3. Sign up Bonus, $100 Bonus when purchased $500 within the first 3 months? - NOPE. Not for me because that bonus is for New accounts only.
Another thing for me is if it will be a Visa because most of the images I found says so. Marcelo said 'I see that currently your card is Master card. It remains the same.' I'm happy about this because I don't want repeating bank if possible and I already have a Visa with another CC. Thank you Capital One!


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