Citi Price Rewind

I have the Citi Dividend Card. In October 1, 2015, I purchased my Htc Re Camera at Best Buy. I've been looking and reading about GoPros for months before that but decided to take the cheaper one because I don't have tume for the extreme adventures to do yet. I don't regret that I made the decision to buy my Htc Re rather than GoPro. Maybe in the future if I really need to.
Before I made that purchase, I've been around the web for a bit where to buy a legit and cheaper rate. Best buy got it for $50 off and they have my color which is the Navy. I looked at it twice and waited until October because of the 5% Cash back used in Best Buy. After I bought it, I started using it and loving it. Now enough about my Htc Re.

I had no idea about this Price Rewind by Citi. What I understood is that once you purchased something using your Citi Credit Card, it'll find a cheaper one in a span of 60 days and tell you a possible refund if it did find one. I got an email 1st week of December and it says that I have apossible refund of $87.00. Surprised as hell, I went as soon as possible and claim this from the email I received. I had to go home first to complete the process because it needed a picture of the receipt which I kept. December 3rd is the dag I claimed it.

I'm not expecting any refund at all, but hoping though because who wouldn't want that if you're already enjoying the product. I read it'll take more or less 15 days to process and I thought that weekends doesn't count as those days. In my organizer, you can see in the date 22nd a to do list saying try to call citi and ask if they processed the claim. Little did I know, they already did last week! 
So yesterday when I went home, looking at my mails and Ta-dah! The check was there and a separate letter saying it was approved and my refund was $75.00z. Not the $87.00 that they mentioned at first, but who cares? Thank You! 
Check is the top one which I covered of course. Citi has been wonderful since the beginning and their customer service is well done. 
Again, Thank You! Looking forward to another one in future. Kidding. Maybe not.
Thank You! 


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