Credit Cards

Thank You Credit Cards. I'm grateful for this plastic cash that helps millions (or billions, not sure) of people to survive the harsh financial problems of the world. If you know how to handle your money, you'll love Credit cards just like me.
It's not even 3 years that I have Credit card/s. But, I'm not like most people that tend to go overboard when having CC's and buy everything that theylaid their eyes on. I'm a control freak like that, for myself. I always think, don't buy anything unless you can pay for it afterwards. Never spend money on something you can't earn and pay before the interests starts kicking in. Like a Debit Card, use it only when needed and always remeber your limit.

In college, I remember a guy who had speech for us students regarding these things. Loans, CC's, how to manage money now and the future. He seems to know a lot so I trust what he says. Credit Cards can either help you, or destroy you. You just choose which to do. Like the saying there's two wolves inside of you, Good and Bad. Whoever wins is the one you feed. Or something related to that, lol.
His advice, use your Cc then pay as soon as possible. Don't listen to those saying let it stay for a while on your account because I bet most of the busy people tend to forget. Due Dates, amount necessary, even the purchased item/s itself can be forgotten. So once it's posted, pay it. My technique, pay it at the end of the month. I start my cycle 1st day of the month until the last and once the last purchased is posted, I pay it with full amount. Not only I they did not charge me with interest, I earned cash back. And may I say, those earn fast. Of course don't rely on cash backs as your payment but there are many times that I used those as an additional because I was on vacation and did not have enough money to pay the full amount.

Find one that doesn't have an Annual Membership Fee (AF). All of mine doesn't have one and this is important. Not only they're not charging me anything but I et to have cash backs just for using these cards.
No Foreign Transaction fee. Two of my Cc's don't have one and this is good for travelers (adventures as I like to call myself).
Interest rates ARP - I honestly don't mine how low or high mine is because I do pay it at the end of the month so ni interests apply for me. But in the future, once I really need to wait a little longer to pay, of course interests makes a huge difference. So if you're one of the 'tight budgeteer' (that's not a word, I made that up), head's up for interests really know what you're getting into.

I'm fortunate enough to have a job (work hard - more luck, find a job and don't be picky) before moving to California and now as I'm here. When I'm not earning money, I stay at home. And even before we moved here, I prepared just enough before I can find a job.
Be RESPONSIBLE. This is grown up stuff. Don't think of it like a pencil that you can borrow and then the owner won't be mad if you didn't return it back and think that it won't bite you in the butt. 
I'll talk about Credit Score in the future. I'm not yet familiar of how to be good at it because I'm pretty new at this Credit card thing and this Credit Score is another important part of the adult life that'll make you miserable more than Cc's if you don't know how to handle i, or so I've heard.

Back to Credit Cards - Thank you for the business! For the Agents that tend to be cursed at because of us customers who makes the fault most of the time and still be professional, Thank You! 
Alright, Thank You for listening, Haha


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