Even family says it's a joke

I got the chance to talk to one of my cousins today even for a few minutes.. My relatives, either mama or papa's side, are close. My papa's brothers are altogether right now in the Philippines so of course they were asking each other how's everyone doing. When I got home, I talked to Ate gigi, my eldest cousin of the 4 sisters. Then surprisingly, her father asked if I'm still together with Jee. Shocked by why would he ask that all of sudden, I said no smiling like it's no big deal.

Ate gigi said "thats a joke". I'm all like "No, it's true. I'm serious." She's repeating her opinion like we didn't break up or we're gonna get back together. When her mom came and asked how we are doing then Ate gigi said that we're not together anymore, she also said "why". One of my Uncle even said that if he saw my Ex he'll do something bad. Of course they're joking trying to make me laugh. And I was laughing. I was afraid I'm gonna start tearing up or something, but No. Straight face with confidence talking to them about the fact that we're not together anymore.

I even remembered my mom, when I told my parents that we just broke up. That was the only time I cried my eyes out, minutes after my ex and I spoke. After that, never again. When I was hugging my mom while I sobbing, papa said why and my mom said 'it's only temporary'. Because of our history, my parents thinks and makes me feel at that time that we'll be fine and the break up is just for the mean time. As if now, I think it's permanent. I didn't tell them why or to anyone for that matter except Gomz and full details with Tanglao.

I just realized that even my family, I bet his family as well, are all gonna be like that. 6 years of the relationship, we met each other's cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces and nephews. Them, trying to understand what's going on between us and more like what happened, is pretty thoughtful. And I'd like to say Thanks.

At the end of the day, they all just want us to be happy and be supportive for our decision whatever it may be.

On another happy note, more like different topic, here's my underarm T_T
Thanks to Nair! And yes, if I don't use Nair, I have a LOT of Hair.
My Papa said my underarm is still dark.
My Mom said it's normal. 
I don't care, it's better than shaving. So now I'm wearing sleeveless! 
(Start of 6th day.) 

Good Night! Or uhm, Good Morning! 


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