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Another usual day for me, lol.
Plane flying is amazing. Not for the people who gets air sick.
I did the Ultimate Thrill Ride Basic (35 minutes).
Mike was amazing all the time. I booked mine online and did not have a problem at all. When I called the day before, he ask if I can move mine into 8 am since my appointment was at 10:30 am. I said no, and he said that's okay. When I got there, he immediately assisted me with what to do (briefing). I got the Ultimate Thrill Ride Basic for 35 Minutes and in my calculation we took off at 1118 and landed 1158.
I did fly 90% of the time and did all the maneuvers as promised, and more.

The only down side of this trip is the 'admin' upstairs who I asked for help regarding the dvd of my flight. The lady did help me but no good customer service was there with them or her. Still, thanks for the help while saying not good things.
Maneuvers I’ve done:
Double Rolls
Inverted Flying

Mike did:
Take off
Forward Somersault

Best Experience: +6 and -2 G’s.
1118 Start Engine
1158 End Engine
Up and Down Photos are Before on the Left, After flying on the Right. 
Thanks Mike!
Fun starts at the minute 16:00.. Craziest @ around minute 23..
For OOTD. For more photos, follow me on IG.

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