It's not the Parents' fault - The Force Awakens


So, I'm not addicted to Star Wars. But I do love it. Adventure, action, a little comedy and out of this world concept. At least for the old ones. I know how the story goes but do not ask me minute details because I'm not a crazy fan. The other day, my parents and I watched it and my Mom cried. Not to spoil anything but if you're an avid fan like her, you might tear up. Well, I did but I hid it, lol.
Growing up as an only child, people tend to see me as a ripe fruit of my parents. All children are seen that way but it's more focused if you're an only one like me. With my crazy adventures like Skydiving, Plane Flying, Kinda Bunjee Jumping, and many more, their friends and even strangers ask why I am like this if my parents themselves are not daredevils.

Yeah sure parents mold you and make you the way you think, move and be but not 100% can be from them. We have are own way of thinking even if it's our maker that says what to do. It's who we are as individuals. Whatever we do in life can't be reflected as our parents' hard work or lack of responsibilities. Cultures makes us different from each other but you can't make this as a reason to tell that the child is like that because of what their family tree, race or tradition is.


Back to the movie analogy. I bet Leia and Han did all their best to make Kylo Ren leave the Dark Side. Of course there will be back stories in the future for this new franchise of Star Wars but I know that Kylo Ren chose it for himself. It is who he is. Yes he can be mold to be good but look at his Grandfather Darth Vader; raised by his modest guardians and trained to be good by Ben. Yet it only helped him to be good at being bad. We can't blame the guardians especially Obi Wan for what happened to Anakin.

People need to stop looking at parents and guardians like they are the worst at everything because of what happened to their offspring. That's not math or plain logic. This is their life, our lives individually and how we live it does not dictate who made us or where we came from.
Vice Versa: Do not put all the praise to the guardians/parents when their children is doing great. Yeah sure, you can tell them good job and feel them make proud of their off spring. BUT! Tell the compliments to the child itself, or human since we grow from being a child. When you are praising our parents, we do feel okay about it but don't forget to talk to us as well about are accomplishments because it's who we are. We are the ones who work hard and not them. Whatever may the activity be or trophy, it is the off springs that did the work. It takes courage for one to face fears and failures and those can't be from help by others.

I love my parents dearly and I will be forever grateful to them of where I am today. But who and what I am is my decision. Even if I have their Dna, I can learn to know what to follow and what to ignore that's within me.
Don't get me wrong, it does make a huge impact of where and who you grew up with. But it can't be all from those memories and teachings of how you gonna live your life. It's called growing up and knowing your true self. Just like Anakin and Kylo Ren, they made their own decisions of choosing the dark side even if everybody around them, including the ones who guided them, says don't.


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