Mount Baldy - Josephine Canyon

Happened December 27, 2015 (researched in 22nd).
All says it's a Class 3 rating.. Some says 3AII, 3AIV and 3BII. - Ootd
I found this group/company by searching the world wide web.
There are 3 professionals: Pete, Jimmy and Cameron.
There were 9 of us and three of them.
We met at Starbucks in N Campus Ave, Upland CA - 0830
The orientation of what we are about to do did here as well.
Arrived at the base - 1130
Start gearing up  - 1140
Quick Rest - 1210
I do not remember what time we arrived at the point where we are about to rappel.

The rock below that I'm holding, fell down out of nowhere near Cameron. Let me tell you this, if this rock hit him, he could've died. It's freaking heavy. After we are geared up and this fell, Pete decided that we are gonna bail the rappelling and hike down where we came from.
May I tell you this.. I was nauseous when climbing up. I was not prepared for the elevation at all. I did hiking before but I guess not like this high and this cold. I was on my own pace and they let me slowed down a bit to slow up my breathing. I have an extra jacket and they told me to remove it and helped me with my back pack.
While I was resting a bit for about three times, most of them are sitting down for a quick break. When I reached them, I did not rest like they did and we proceeded with the climb. I was okay at that time and catch up.
The phrase "Go at your own Pace" really is true. That was my experience doing this. I was slow and at my own pace but caught up with the rest of the team. I felt bad for being slow but they keep telling me not to worry and just relax. It's better to rest and breathe once in a while rather that sprint up top and your energy's all gone.

Thank you Pete, Jimmy and Cameron for all your help. Hoping to reschedule this trip and continue with the rappelling part.
Check my IG for snippets (1 and 2).

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