LDR – Is it worth it?

This is an easy question for most people. But I’m not like most people. I have three explanations including my answer.
  1.  It depends. On you, your partner and the situation.
  2.  It's rewarding. 
  3. My Answer = Yes.
It depends. If you are strong enough, you can do it. If your partner is as well, you'll have better chance at surviving this circumstance. Big part of this is, what is your situation? Same country different place? Same time frame different country? Or like me, Different Country and Different Time frame (16 hours).
Time Difference sucks and he was Sweet - Thank you Jee.

It's rewarding. You will treasure every moment. If you take anything for granted, then that's when it will start to collapse if you keep doing it. Listen and remember details because those little information will mean a lot if you know. Every texts, call and nights where your sleep is not complete will be worth it. If you feel that way. Once you see that it's not, you gotta let go because distance is eating you.
For me, Yes it is worth it. Even though we just broke up, my answer will always be that is worth it. Why? Because we both tried. We do love each other deeply, but he's not strong enough as I am. It is still worth it because the time that I spent with him, well not physically, is rewarding. I feel loved and I'm loving. There's no better feeling than getting your love back. We were partners, best friends and true lovers.

So, now that I've answered the question, I wanna say Thank you to him. I already told him that when we were breaking up. But then, I really do mean it. I appreciate every little thing that we did, every conversations and all the effort that you did, for me and for us. The only problem is that, You are not strong enough.

(I posted this topic here because I want to say Thanks to Najee.)
I don't blame you for being not happy with LDR, because I'm not always happy. But, I fight that sadness because I can see the finish line. I know how to control my thoughts and see different perspective so I can move on from that feeling. Even if I'm jealous at others, I don't look for another one closer to me because we were together. Like you saying to 'our' friend, "Do you think I have a chance with her?" is practically cheating. Ok, I'm getting mad. Pause.

Every time I keep writing for this post, I get mad or write something else that is not supposed to be here. And if it's not here, it's here - 4th Break up.
Again, Jee, Thank you for everything. The honesty (aside from that new wall climbing girl), the support and pep talks because we're best friends as well, the compromise from all our fights, and most importantly, for the love. Your true love for me that I will forever treasure.
For all of you that's in a LDR, only you can tell if it's worth it or not. Sometimes, love can't conquer all. Most of the time it will even make you miserable. But for me, It's worth it.
(Well, not to brag but - I'm pretty brave.) 
All I wanna say is that long distance relationships are difficult. But it CAN be worth it. It's like 'Life is what you make it' type of thing.

Even if I'm being bitter in here, Please! Spread the Love!


Vo Mm said…
This is such a nice way to get through a break up, I'm so sorry about what happened :(
Maanne Lim said…
Hi Vo Mm! Life is beautiful. Even if things don't seem that way, it still is worth living. Just like any relationship. Thanks again! Find happiness!

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