My 5th Work - Morongo Casino Resort & Spa

It's been more that 2 months since I'm working here as a Reservations Agent.

A little back story; before I went to my interview here, I've been in a few interviews as well on most of it are around 11am. My interview at Morongo was at 10:30. Stupid me, I did not look my organizer the night before or even when I'm getting ready. I thought it was for 11:30. Too late for me to rush, I called saying for my mistake and they said interview already started. Me, feeling and was an idiot, just said my apologies and they're free to call me again if anything comes up. After that I felt like moron. I did not expect any calls again from Morongo.
Weeks later, I did received another call and I did not miss it! It was 14 of us in a panel interview and I got hired right at that day. After background and a little bit of waiting, my work started.

Thanksgiving gift was a Walmart Gift Card. I used it to buy Ankle Weights and has still some left on the card. On Thanksgiving day as well, employees get to dine for free at our Employees Dining Room. It's the Cafeteria for employees only. Most expensive meal is $3.00 and often, it's too much for me so I get $2.00 meals.
When I completed the perfect attendance in November, I got a Coupon from one of the managers. Apparently, they always give this for agents who has perfect attendance each month. What a way to make us go to work. To my surprise, it was actually for 6 meals! For most of you, $18.00 is not a big deal but for me who always packed lunch to be practical - it's a huge help. Bad part is, with a $3.00 meal, I've been eating a lot, lol.

The cupcake above is a free one from the front desk of this department. She said it's from their vendors given to them because Of their good job. How sweet of them to share something like this to everyone. The reindeer is a ring and the cake tastes good.

There was also a Christmas gift for everyone. There was a Santa last week for one day and some of my coworkers took a picture with him. Employees who got hired before October 1st get a check for Christmas. Because my orientation was the 13th, I did not get any which is fine. I didn't expect anything anyways since I'm so new and all the perks is enough.

In the department I work in, we decided to do Secret Santa and I got the gift below! We also potluck every holiday. Everyone's helping anyone who ask for it.

Thank you Morongo for having me. Especially for the second chance at the interview. For all the perks that make us employees feel special. Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone :)


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