Protection Pack - Htc Re

So, I purchased my Htc Re October 1st.
I love it. But then, as I was turning the cap back on after charging it, I broke it. Thats the broken part of the cap thats been stucked.

I've read that without the cap, the camera can still be used underwater but not as long as when it has a cap. 
Well, of course I gotta have the cap because I'm an adventurer; or so I call myself.
It's been weeks since that little broken part was stucked. Today, my Father already took it out! Talk about technique.
He made a way to twist the stucked part that you can see in the photo (like a slotted screwdriver to take it out).
Now that I'm celebrating, I just ordered the new protection cap including a lens cap and necklace lanyard. 
I'll update when it's delivered.
Have a good night! 
Att returned the package. - (Update December 10)
Arrived December 14th. Includes 2 larnyard, cap and cover just like it said.
Excited to fly a plane tomorrow! 


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